%0 Journal Article %T A Method of Luminiferous Ether Registration %A Alexander I. Korolev %J Open Access Library PrePrints %V 1 %N 1 %P 1-5 %@ 2333-9721 %D 2014 %I Open Access Library %R 10.4236/oalib.preprints.1200125 %X The paper draws attention to the importance of the notion ??luminiferous ether?? in physics. There is a proposed method to register its flows generated by natural cosmic movements or created artificially. The work presents the results of ether wind searching with a prototype of the proposed installation located at the altitude of <30 m above sea level. Ether flows with speeds > 20 km/s are not found, which is consistent with the results of previous experiments. %K Luminiferous Ether %K Physical Vacuum %K Relative Motion %U http://www.appalachian-treasures.com/paper/5264065 久草在现在线中文字幕