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Irreducible cycles and points in special position in moduli spaces for tropical curves
Andreas Gathmann,Franziska Schroeter
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In the first part of this paper, we discuss the notion of irreducibility of cycles in the moduli spaces of n-marked rational tropical curves. We prove that Psi-classes and vital divisors are irreducible, and that locally irreducible divisors are also globally irreducible for n \leq 6. In the second part of the paper, we show that the locus of point configurations in (\R^2)^n in special position for counting rational plane curves (defined in two different ways) can be given the structure a tropical cycle of codimension 1. In addition, we compute explicitly the weights of this cycle.
Broccoli curves and the tropical invariance of Welschinger numbers
Andreas Gathmann,Hannah Markwig,Franziska Schroeter
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper we introduce broccoli curves, certain plane tropical curves of genus zero related to real algebraic curves. The numbers of these broccoli curves through given points are independent of the chosen points - for arbitrary choices of the directions of the ends of the curves, possibly with higher weights, and also if some of the ends are fixed. In the toric Del Pezzo case we show that these broccoli invariants are equal to the Welschinger invariants (with real and complex conjugate point conditions), thus providing a proof of the independence of Welschinger invariants of the point conditions within tropical geometry. The general case gives rise to a tropical Caporaso-Harris formula for broccoli curves which suffices to compute all Welschinger invariants of the plane.
Salmonella Prevalence in Turkey Flocks before and after Implementation of the Control Program in Germany
Annemarie K?sbohrer,Andreas Schroeter,Reiner Helmuth,Bernd-Alois Tenhagen
Agriculture , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/agriculture3030342
Abstract: The objective of the study was to describe the Salmonella prevalence in turkey flocks before and after the implementation of the Salmonella control program in Germany and to identify factors that are potentially associated with the presence of Salmonella in the flocks. To achieve this, all breeding flocks and a representative sample of the fattening flocks were tested for Salmonella. None of the 98 turkey breeding flocks but 31 (10.3%) of 300 turkey fattening flocks were positive for Salmonella spp. in the baseline study during 2006/2007. In 11 (3.7%) fattening flocks S. Enteritidis (1 flock; 0.3%) or S. Typhimurium (8 flocks; 2.7%) or monophasic S. Typhimurium (2 flocks; 0.3%), which are of special public health relevance in Germany, were detected. Logistic regression analysis confirmed that production type and season were significant risk factors for the presence of Salmonella spp. in fattening turkey flocks in Germany. Data from mandatory official testing within the Salmonella control program in 2010 and 2011 revealed that Salmonella prevalence in turkey fattening flocks has decreased significantly to 3.3% and 2.6%. In line with this result, prevalence of S. Enteritidis or S. Typhimurium had decreased to 2.6% and 1.5%. Results indicate that the prevalence of Salmonella in turkey fattening flocks has decreased significantly.
Kermit's What-Happens-Next-Machine Reloaded
Ursula Schroeter
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: If Kermit's What-Happens-Next-Machine had functioned, you would not have seen much, because it would have gone too quickly. In this article it is shown that putting up and solving the equations of motion of a seemingly simple mechanical apparatus presents a challenging problem. The simulation can, however, be quite instructive and also entertaining.
An Extension of Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Theory beyond Big Bang
Joachim Schroeter
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: Starting from the classic Friedmann-Robertson-Walker theory with big bang it is shown that the solutions of the field equations can be extended to negative times. Choosing a new cosmic time scale instead of proper time one achieves complete differentiability of the scale factor and of suitable thermodynamic quantities equivalent to pressure and energy density. Then, the singularity of big bang manifests itself only by the vanishing of the scale factor at time zero. Moreover, all solutions of the field equations are defined for all times from -infinity to +infinity. In a separate chapter the horizon structure of the extended theory is studied. Some weak assumptions guarantee that there are no horizons. Hence, the horizon problem in a strict sence disappears. An intensive discussion of the results is given at the end of the paper.
Representando corpo e violência: a inven??o da "violência doméstica" em Timor-Leste
Simi?o, Daniel Schroeter;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092006000200007
Abstract: east timor is now faced to a strong social and political change, which implies, on gender issues, the building of a new morality about domestic physical aggression. based on the local translation of gender equality principles ? seen as universal values ? a set of actions against domestic violence is questioning local practices and attitudes regarding representations of body, gender and sexuality, such as polygamy, the obligations to childbirth and the responsibilities on contraception. based on one year fieldwork in the country, this paper discusses the way the knowledge of experts on the field of gender and development reflects upon political projects which contribute to the shaping of a specific way of experiencing the body, inscribing physical punishment into a new universe of meanings, many of them considerably different from those in force at the countryside. conflicts and syntheses emerged from this process show the importance of being aware of the relationship of the building of local identities faced to broader political and symbolic disputes as well as the limits of the binding of local practices and values thought as universal ones.
Los tipos ideales: faros o anteojeras? introducción a ** una conversación entre Joseph Schumpeter y Max Weber" de Walter Trisch
Schroeter Gerd,Trisch Walter
Revista Colombiana de Sociología , 1995,
Abstract: -
Terapia anti-hipertensiva utilizada por pacientes idosos de Porto Alegre/RS, Brasil
Schroeter, Guilherme et al.
Scientia Medica , 2006,
Abstract: Objetivos: Descrever o perfil de utiliza o de medicamentos com a o no sistema cardiovascular, especialmente anti-hipertensivos, por idosos residentes na cidade de Porto Alegre. Métodos: Estudo transversal exploratório e observacional com base populacional, realizado em 2006, sobre a utiliza o qualitativa e quantitativa de medicamentos por pacientes idosos. O instrumento utilizado para a coleta de dados foi uma ficha de seguimento farmacológico. Resultados: Do total de 385 pacientes entrevistados, 62,3% utilizavam medicamentos com a o no sistema cardiovascular, sendo que destes, 86,3% utilizavam anti-hipertensivos. Entre os 35,3% pacientes que faziam uso de monoterapia, 38,4% utilizavam inibidores da enzima conversora de angiotensina (ECA) e 26% utilizavam beta-bloqueadores. Dos 207 pacientes em monoterapia ou terapia combinada de dois ou mais medicamentos, 59,4% utilizavam diuréticos e 51,2% inibidores da ECA. Conclus es: Os diuréticos, inibidores da ECA e betabloqueadores foram os anti-hipertensivos mais utilizados. Muitas vezes o usuário comete erros na medica o, o que pode ser resolvido com uma assistência correta a esse paciente. Diante da prevalência da hipertens o entre os idosos, observa-se a necessidade de uma maior aten o dos profissionais de saúde a esses pacientes.
Le relativisme moral et le projet de coopération épistémique
Fran?ois Schroeter
Les Ateliers de l’éthique , 2009,
Abstract: Cet article examine de fa on critique certaines des récentes tentatives de défendre une position relativiste en métaéthique. Les adeptes du relativisme ont tenté avec beaucoup d’ingéniosité de montrer comment leur position peut soit accepter soit invalider l’intuition selon laquelle nous parlons tous de la même chose quand nous utilisons le vocabulaire moral. Mon argument cherche à établir qu’ils ont ce faisant négligé l’une des fonctions centrales de notre discours moral : créer un forum favorisant la coopération épistémique dans le but de résoudre nos questions morales.This paper critically examines some of the most important recent attempts to defend a relativist position in metaethics. Proponents of moral relativism have made sophisticated attempts to show that their position can either accommodate or invalidate our commonsense intuition that we are all talking about the same thing when we use moral language. I argue that they have thereby neglected one of the most central functions of our moral discourse : creating a forum for epistemic cooperation in resolving moral questions.
Transport Channels in a Double Junction- coherent coupling changes the picture
Ursula Schroeter,Elke Scheer
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: Transport through a point contact is accurately modelled by assigning to the junction an ensemble of independent transport channels with possibly different transmissions. We here argue that for a series of two contacts, coherently coupled across an island, the transport channels are different from the ensembles that would describe each contact taken as stand-alone device. We further show that instead of two sets of channels with manifold cross-links over the island the double junction can be described by pairs of channels from both sides coherently coupled together, where each pair, however, has no coherent connection to the others. This finding will substantially simplify modelling transport by a Green's functions technique. Additional channels through only one junction may complete the picture. Finally we discuss how partial coherence across the island with an appropriate ansatz can be modelled in the same scheme.

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