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Student Research Work and Modeled Situations in Order to Bridge the Gap between Basic Science Concepts and Those from Preventive and Clinical Practice. Meaningful Learning and Informed beneficience  [PDF]
Elio A. Prieto González
Creative Education (CE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.77099
Abstract: Meaningful learning of basic science concepts is a difficult goal to reach among students from different health related university careers. We present an integrative approach based on different educational strategies like problem based, and situated learning as well as the use of models and organizers. Three cases from Medicine, Nursing and Nutrition show the difficulties in the comprehension and integration of basic and applied knowledge as well as the educational approaches adopted and the evolution of students. There is a discussion on the ethical relevance of deep basic and applied knowledge in the right solution of problems posed in class that attempt to model real life scenarios. There is a term introduced in this paper: informed beneficence. This concept expresses the assumption that the professional fulfillment of the ethical principle of beneficence is linked to knowledge and skills to propose appropriate solutions to individual or collective health problems.
Contribution of Finance to the Low Carbon Economy  [PDF]
Constancio Zamora Ramírez, José María González González
Low Carbon Economy (LCE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/lce.2011.22010
Abstract: Given the advent and spread of carbon assets, as well as the rapid development of financial markets and transactions related with them, this paper intends to achieve the objective of categorizing these phenomena and describing their main characteristics, in such a way that it can be used as a reference by those professionals and scholars who are in-terested in the fighting climate change through the world of finance. In this line, this paper will review and analyse the main carbon assets on regulated and voluntary markets, Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs) and the various structures they may acquire, the role of carbon funds, futures and options over carbon assets, as well as adap-tation in financial markets, particularly in relation to climate derivatives and disaster bonds. The paper ends with a proposal of a reference framework that gathers and categorizes different carbon assets, carbon markets and financial operations traded on these markets.
Enfoque actual sobre la calidad microbiológica del agua de hemodiálisis Current approach to microbiological quality of haemodialysis water
María Isabel González González
Revista Cubana de Salud Pública , 2012,
Abstract: La calidad microbiológica del agua para los tratamientos de hemodiálisis en los pacientes con enfermedad renal crónica es de vital importancia, con el fin de evitar o reducir el riesgo por infección al paciente, ya que la sangre de un paciente se pone en contacto con 20 000 a 25 000 litros de agua por a o a través de una membrana. Hoy en día existen muchas discrepancias en las normativas y guías para la evaluación del agua de hemodiálisis, especialmente con respecto a los parámetros microbiológicos los que se encuentran en fase de armonización y son de crucial significado actual. El objetivo de este trabajo es aportar el enfoque actual existente para la evaluación de la calidad microbiológica del agua de hemodiálisis a nivel internacional y nacional y su incorporación en la vigilancia sanitaria nacional. The microbiological quality of haemodialysis water is vital for the treatment of patients suffering renal chronic disease, in order to avoid or reduce the risk of infection, since a patient's blood gets in contact with 20 000 to 25 000 litres of water per year through a membrane. There are many controversies at present regarding the regulations and guidelines for the evaluation of haemodialysis water, particularly the microbiological parameters which are undergoing a harmonization process and are highly significant. The paper was aimed at providing the current approach for the evaluation of the microbiological quality of haemodialysis water at domestic and international levels and the incorporation of such approach into the national health surveillance.
Climate Change Challenges to Accounting  [PDF]
Constancio Zamora Ramírez, José María González González
Low Carbon Economy (LCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/lce.2013.41003

Low carbon economy is causing the implementation and development of carbon markets that affect an increasing organizations number. These markets entail new challenges to accounting practitioners. The aim of this paper is, on the one hand, to know how the financial statements are being affected by the obligations of companies to control and compensate their carbon emissions, by analyzing the different positions adopted by both regulatory organizations and companies in the practice; and, on the other hand, to analyze the content and specific problematic of accounting statements that report on emissions in physical terms. This paper considers the accounting treatment of new carbon assets and liabilities which external information is not sufficiently regulated. Also, the paper analyzes the new contractual relationships that are being developed such as complex derivative structures, purchasing carbon units through ERPAs (Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreements), carbon monetization, carbon collateralization and carbon funds. Finally, new report requirements to companies that are arising, like Carbon Accounting or risks and strategies regard to climate change (Carbon Reporting), are also analyzed.

Etología de camélidos y arte rupestre de la Subregión río Salado (norte de Chile, II Región)
González A,Josefina;
Estudios atacame?os , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-10432002002300003
Abstract: this paper discusses the early formative period rock-art style that was recorded in the mountains of the salado river sub-region. the style, called confluencia, is mainly characterized by the detail with which it portrays animals and the precision with which attitudes and postures reveal certain activities. on this basis, an analogy is made with a range of activities observed in vicu?a family groups (vicugna vicugna). the results show that certain activities were depicted while others were left aside, suggesting there was an internal coherence to the style, which is necessarily related to the sociocultural context in which it developed
Alcohol: friend or foe?
González,Ricardo A.;
MEDICC Review , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1555-79602011000400011
Abstract: popular belief has it that alcohol, particularly red wine, protects against atherosclerosis and associated cardio- and cerebrovascular conditions. that presumption motivates this paper, which describes the mechanisms underlying the j-shaped risk curve for alcohol use, with benefits for vascular disease risk at low consumption levels and harmful effects-both directly on the user and indirectly on the bystander-at higher levels. the importance of further exploring alcohol use in patients with cardiovascular risk factors and of intervening to modify non-social use of alcohol to prevent serious adverse health consequences is also addressed.
González A,Sergio;
Byzantion nea hellás , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-84712009000100006
Abstract: the aim of this article is to give an account of those features pertaining to so-called "vulgar latin" which are present in the initial section of the itinerarium egeriae. to accomplish this, a brief discussion on the appropriateness of 'vulgar latin' as a concept is presented, followed by a description of the source, the approximate date of composition, the identity of the author and the transmission of the text. finally, the linguistic analysis focuses on those features not coincident with the classical norm, which were proper of a western koiné used for communicative rather than stylistic purposes, and which foreshadow the linguistic fragmentation of a latin-speaking area into different neo-latin dialects.
Las Bellas Artes como Terapia en Aristóteles
González A,Sergio;
Byzantion nea hellás , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-84712010000100005
Abstract: from homer onwards, greek texts show abundant references to the therapeutic applications of the fine arts. the most complete system dealing with this issue in its diverse manifestations is to be found in the platonic dialogues. however, aristotle's manifold analyses are scattered and isolated. first, the view of health as harmony in aristotle's thought is expounded, then the concepts of tékhne and phrónesis are described and compared, the necessity of art to paideía is demonstrated, and finally the therapeutic use of the different arts in order to preserve or restore health is examined'm detall.
Registro de cáncer ginecológico Clínica San Pedro Claver, Bogotá, Colombia 2003
González,Mario A;
Revista Colombiana de Obstetricia y Ginecología , 2005,
Abstract: objective: reviewing new cases of gynaeco-logical cancer attending clínica san pedro claver, bogotá, colombia during 2003. material and methods: the clinic?s oncolo-gical gynaecology committee facilitated compiling data as all new patients benefiting from this service are interviewed by it; a search was made during clinical meetings, in consultants? offices, amongst hospitalised patients, of operating room schedules and pathological reports to ensure including all new cases. the data so collected was recorded in an excel file; epiinfo software was then used for analysing it. results: there were 158 cases of gynaecological cancer, cervical cancer being encountered most frequently (46%). this neoplasm was divided into exocervix (59 cases) and endocervix (16 cases) categories; the cancerous stage found most often in both was ib. surgery was most often employed as treatment for this type of cancer. endometrial cancer was found in 46 women. stage i (50%), endometroid cancer (55%) and sur-gery (55%) were the stages, histology and treatment most often found, respectively. 34 patients were found to have ovarian cancer, presenting the same ratio of stages i-ii as late stage iii-iv; serous histology was most frequently encountered (52.3%). a combination of surgery and chemotherapy were most often employed for treating this disease. conclusions: clínica san pedro claver?s insti-tutional records led to establishing the distribution of different gynaecological tumours being evaluated there, establishing related personal and clinical cha-racteristics and the types of therapy being received. cervical cancer was found to be the gynaecological cancer appearing most frequently during 2003 in clínica san pedro claver. this type of cancer can be detected by pap smear screening (cervical-vagi-nal cytology), meaning that screening/prevention programmes for this disease should be given high priority.
Registro de cáncer ginecológico Clínica San Pedro Claver, Bogotá, Colombia 2003 Cancer institutional registry in a gynaecological service at San Pedro Claver Clinic, Bogotá, Colombia 2003
Mario A González
Revista Colombiana de Obstetricia y Ginecología , 2005,
Abstract: Objetivo: revisar los casos nuevos de cáncer ginecológico atendidos durante el a o 2003 en la Clínica San Pedro Claver, Bogotá, Colombia. Materiales y métodos: la captación de los casos se hizo a través de la junta de ginecología on-cológica a la cual asisten todas las pacientes nuevas de este servicio. Para garantizar la inclusión de la totalidad de ellas, se realizó una búsqueda activa de casos entre las pacientes hospitalizadas, registros de programación de cirugía, reportes de patología y en consulta externa. Los datos fueron registrados en un archivo de Excel y evaluados mediante el programa EPIINFO 2002. Resultados: se encontraron 158 casos de cáncer ginecológico, siendo el cáncer de cérvix (75 mujeres) el de mayor frecuencia; para efectos del registro, se consideraron dos tipos de tumores de cérvix: los exo-cervicales (59 casos) y los endocervicales (16 casos). En estas dos localizaciones, la distribución por estadios mostró el mayor número de casos en estado Ib, 49% en exocérvix y 62% en los tumores de endocérvix. El tratamiento más frecuentemente indicado en las mujeres con cáncer de cérvix fue la cirugía. El carcinoma de endometrio, con 46 mujeres, mostró mayoría en estado I (50%); el tipo histoló-gico más común fue el carcinoma endometrioide (87%). El tratamiento más usual fue la de cirugía, aplicado en el 93% de ellos. Se encontraron 34 pacientes con carcinoma de ovario, entre los que hubo una proporción igual de casos en estados tempranos I y II que en los tar-díos III y IV; el tipo histológico más frecuente fue el seroso (52,3%). El tratamiento más usado fue la combinación de cirugía y quimioterapia. Conclusiones: el registro institucional de cán-cer de la Clínica San Pedro Claver es una herramien-ta útil para conocer la distribución de los diferentes tumores ginecológicos evaluados en esta entidad. Permite establecer sus características personales, clínicas y las modalidades terapéuticas recibidas. El cáncer ginecológico registrado con mayor frecuencia en el a o 2003 en esta clínica, fue el de cérvix. Este carcinoma es susceptible de prevención secundaria mediante la citología cervico-vaginal por lo que se hace imperativa la necesidad de revisar y fortalecer el programa de tamizaje para esta enfermedad. Objective: reviewing new cases of gynaeco-logical cancer attending Clínica San Pedro Claver, Bogotá, Colombia during 2003. Material and methods: the clinic’s oncolo-gical gynaecology committee facilitated compiling data as all new patients benefiting from this service are interviewed by it; a search was made during clinical meetings, in con

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