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An Ethical Approach to the Concept of Toleration: Understanding Tolerance as a Political Virtue  [PDF]
Ivón Cepeda Mayorga
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2014.44059
Abstract: The concept of toleration is commonly argued in political discourses and debates, when people refer to diversity and pluralism, as a form of respect and understanding. However, this does not represent an improvement at the moment of dealing with issues where a variety of values, conceptions and beliefs arises. In addition, even though when the idea of toleration was developed during Enlightenment, nowadays it seems to lead to a misconception of the term, following a connotation of a passive indifference about diversity. Due to this, the main objective of this text is to analyze the concept of toleration from an ethical perspective that allows thinking about it in terms of a political virtue needed to face the challenges of diversity inside society. In order to show this, the text presents an analysis of different conceptions of the term, in order to highlight the positive notion of toleration; after that, the text moves on, reviewing the idea of toleration from a hermeneutical perspective, as a form to reinforce the positive characteristics of the term, and path to solve the query between tolerance and intolerance. Finally, as a conclusion, it underlines that understanding the concept of toleration from an ethical perspective implies a praxis develop in daily circumstances.
The Difficult Airway: A New Simplified Approach to an Old Complex Problem  [PDF]
Iván Mauricio Alvarado Arteaga
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2017.78023
Abstract: Difficult airway situations are a major cause of morbidity, mortality and malpractice claims in anesthetic practice and other critical care settings. Although infrequent, they are serious and complex situations where many variables interact. Among these variables, quick and accurate rescuer decision-making is a major outcome determinant. Emerging evidence, recent advances in technology and development of new devices have provided new tools to deal with the problem, but still, basic underlying principles of management remain. Based on the available evidence and expert consensus, multiple guidelines and algorithms have been published, but they may have limited applicability, contain confusing and ambiguous recommendations or address very specific clinical situations. This narrative review attempts to summarize, organize and consolidate current trends and supported recommendations of the updated guidelines in one practical, concise and unified guide, proposing a simple, intuitive and novel algorithm.
Conditions Where the Chaotic Set Has a Non-Empty Residual Julia Set for Two Classes of Meromorphic Functions  [PDF]
Patricia Domínguez, Iván Hernández
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.411A2004

We define the Fatou and Julia sets for two classes of meromorphic functions. The Julia set is the chaotic set where the fractals appear. The chaotic set can have points and components which are buried. The set of these points and components is called the residual Julia set, denoted by \"\", and is defined to be the subset of those points of the Julia set, chaotic set, which do not belong to the boundary of any component of the Fatou set (stable set). The points of \"\" are called buried points and the components of \"\" are called buried components. In this paper we extend some results related with the residual Julia set of transcendental meromorphic functions to functions which are meromorphic outside a compact countable set of essential singularities. We give some conditions where \"\".

Bilinear Model Proposal for Seismic Analysis Using Triple Friction Pendulum (TFP) Bearings  [PDF]
Iván Delgado, Roberto Aguiar, Pablo Caiza
Open Journal of Civil Engineering (OJCE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojce.2017.71002
An analytical model is presented for seismic analysis of triple friction pendulum bearings and validated using 81 bearing tests, each subjected to three cycles, with a duration of 12 seconds and using 250, 200 and 100 tons vertical loads. The main objective is to develop formulas for bilinear behavior using maximum, average and minimum friction coefficients to check which is the closest to the real behavior in the laboratory tests and comparatives curves plotting to observe the standard derivation. Parameters such as friction coefficients, effective stiffness, damping factor and vibration periods are analyzed to understand the structural behavior of the TPF bearings.
John Gray “Misa negra. La religión apocalíptica y la muerte de la utopía”
Iván Garzón
Revista Enfoques : Ciencia Política y Administración Pública , 2010,
Abstract: Review of the book Misa negra. La religión apocalíptica y la muerte de la utopía written by John Gray
La fenomenología como atavismo
Galán, Iván
Arbor : Ciencia, Pensamiento y Cultura , 2009, DOI: 10.3989/arbor.2009.i736.280
Abstract: This paper deals with phenomenology as a result of phenomenological freedom in its possibility of understanding a phenomenon as wild phenomenon. From this perspective, we are enabled to transcend established symbolic systems and to pose the question on the existence of a sense which is immature, not-saturated and imperfect without exception. El artículo pretende mostrar la vigencia de la fenomenología como expresión de la libertad fenomenológica, como posibilidad siempre abierta de acceder al fenómeno en cuanto fenómeno puro, registro arquitectónico en el que, saltando por sobre los sistemas simbólicos instituidos, nos es permitido plantear en toda su radicalidad la pregunta por la existencia de un sentido siempre prematuro, no saturado y jamás clausurable.
Development of a Low Cost Pulsed Laser Deposition System for Thin Films Growth  [PDF]
Marcos Iván Oliva, Carlos Iván Zandalazini, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Hector Raúl Bertorello
Modern Instrumentation (MI) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/mi.2012.14006
Abstract: .Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is a powerful technique to grow thin films. Oxides, Magnetics and superconducting materials have been obtained by PLD and theirs properties are strongly dependent of deposition parameters. The construction of a simple and cheap PLD system that is suitable for growing various thin films, including magnetic materials, controlling some deposition parameters is presented. The design characteristics and construction are presented for each one of the devices that compose this PLD system. The equipment has the possibility of carrying out films deposition using up to five targets under controlled atmosphere and substrate temperature. The system also allows controlling the cool off sample time after growing up films at high temperatures. A wide range of relative speeds between target and substrate axial rotation can be externally controlled. With the configuration and the dimensions adopted in their construction, a PLD system of great experimental flexibility is achieved, at a very low cost regarding the commercial systems. To evaluate their performance and effectiveness, the deposition characteristics of a BaFe12O19 film on (0001) sapphire substrate is presented.
Emigración intelectual en venezuela: el caso de la ciencia y la tecnología
Interciencia , 2003,
Abstract: the emigration of venezuelan scientists and technologists stemming from the progressive decay of the country in the socioeconomic and political aspects, and the implications of this situation on the future competitiveness of the country are analyzed. the particular conditions of venezuela as an immigrant receptor country during part of the 20th century are explained, and the most relevant factors affecting the subsequent emigration process as part of that human capital are examined. data is shown about the behavior of the us as a receptor country for students, scientists and technologists, and about the number of venezuelan professionals working in that nation. the data bases of the scholarship program of fonacit is crossed with that of venezuelan scientists and technologists residing abroad elaborated by the polar foundation, in order to find the number of former scholarship holders that settled out of the country. a concluding discussion presents some of the alternatives to face this phenomenon in venezuela.
Discusiones Filosóficas , 2006,
Abstract: this paper addresses two perspectives: on one side, foucault's discussion of language as action, that shows discourse as a dangerous act, and speech as a borderline experience of the other, language that is expressed and is not owned by anyone, language that unfolds and slips onto itself under its own lines. on the other side, it gives a sketch of some points from the genealogy of power in various domains of knowledge, and political and power relationships. it is then, the panoptical that watches over and punish as power-knowledge.
Evaluación del estado sucesional de un bosque subtropical de quebradas en el norte de Uruguay
Grela, Iván A.;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33062003000200013
Abstract: con el objetivo de determinar el estado sucesional de una formación forestal subtropical luego de haber sido explotada selectivamente con fines madereros, se comparó la estructura actual de la misma con la de una zona contigua que no fue explotada y que se tomó como testigo. para la comparación se tuvieron en cuenta los siguientes parámetros fitosociológicos: dominancia, abundancia (densidad), frecuencia e índice de valor de importancia. el número especies detectadas fue treinta en la zona en sucesión y veinticuatro en la testigo, y el indice de similitud de czekanowski entre ambas de 0.83. de las diez especies más importantes en cada zona, siete son compartidas y poseen valores de importancia similares. de acuerdo a los diferentes análisis efectuados se concluye que la comunidad estudiada cuenta con el potencial para regenerase y retornar a su estado de evolución anterior.

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