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Green house studies on the biology of winter annual grasses and the use of cover crops and herbicides for their control
JD Ranjit, R Bellinder, C Benidict, V Kumar
Agronomy Journal of Nepal , 2011, DOI: 10.3126/ajn.v2i0.7529
Abstract: Greenhouse studies were initiated in two small ( Polypogon fugox) and large (Phalaris minor) seeded annual grasses in 2007 at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY USA. These two annual grasses were very common in wheat fields of midhills and terai regions of Nepal. P fugox was taken for biological study. Days to emergence took 8-11 days in green house. Early emerged panicles were longer than those emerged late. Panicle took 10-12 days to emerge completely from the flag leaf. Panicles per plant were 120. Seeds were very small having about 1091 seeds per panicle. So one fully matured plant could produce seeds about 130920. Study on eco-biology needs to continue in the future. P fugox and P minor responded differently to buckwheat residues. Among different treatments emergence and growth of both weeds were suppressed more by buckwheat residues when left on the surface than incorporated. P minor was less affected by buckwheat residues. It might be due to larger seed compared to P fugox . Post emergence herbicides clodinofop and pinoxaden were effective on both grasses. Isoproturon and tralkoxydim were effective on P fugox. Sulfosulfuron was good in reducing plant growth to some extent. Preemergence herbicides pendimethalin and s-metolochlor were effective in reducing emergence and growth of both weeds. Isoproturon and and sulfosulfuron suppressed plant growth reducing dry plant biomass. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/ajn.v2i0.7529 Agronomy Journal of Nepal (Agron JN) Vol. 2: 2011 pp.139-148
Accordion Manoeuvre with Ilizarov Frame over Nail in Situ in a Case of Infected Non-Union of Femur: Discussion on Strategies: A Case Report  [PDF]
Ranjit Kr. Baruah
Open Journal of Orthopedics (OJO) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojo.2014.47030
Abstract: Quiescent Type of H. Rosen & Stage 2 of C.L. Romano et al. for Infected Non Union of Femur after K-nailing (Küntscher nailing) require no debridement & removal of nail and therefore can be treated by a single stage procedure. There are a few reports of treating aseptic non-union of femur by compression alone or compression distraction over nail by Ilizarov Technique. However, no case of Infected Non-Union femur being treated by Accordion Manoeuvre with Ilizarov over nail in situ (i.e. without exchange nailing) has been reported so far. Here, we are reporting a case of Infected Non-Union following K-nailing for a fracture shaft of femur in a 15-year-old female, who was treated by this technique as a single stage procedure. An Ilizarov frame was mounted on the femur with nail in situ followed by Accordion Manoeuvre. The fracture was healed in 5.6 months with two cycles of Accordion Manoeuvre followed by rhythmic compression. There was no recurrence of infection.
Genetic Algorithm for the Design of Optimal IIR Digital Filters  [PDF]
Ranjit Singh, Sandeep K. Arya
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2012.33038
Abstract: This paper presents the design of Optimal Infinite-Impulse Response (IIR) digital filters using Genetic Algorithm (GA). IIR filter is essentially a digital filter with Recursive responses. Since the error surface of digital IIR filters is generally nonlinear and multimodal, global optimization techniques are required in order to avoid local minima. This paper presents heuristic way for the designing IIR filters. GA is a powerful global optimization algorithm introduced in combinatorial optimization problems. The paper finds the optimum Coefficients of IIR digital filter through GA. Design of Lowpass and High pass IIR digital filter is proposed to provide estimate of transition band. It is found that the calculated values are more optimal than fda tool available for the design of filter in MATLAB. The simulation result of the employed examples shows an improvement on transition band and mean-square-error (MSE). The position of pole-zero is also presented to describe stability and results are compared with Simulated Annealing (SA) method.
Experimental and Parameterization Method for Evaluation of Dry Deposition of S Compounds to Natural Surfaces  [PDF]
Ranjit Kumar, K. Maharaj Kumari
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2012.24043
Abstract: This paper deals with parameterization method based on meteorological parameters for calculation of dry deposition of S compounds on natural surface (leaf of Cassia siamea) and direct measurement method. A scheme based on meteorological parameters has been evolved to calculate the dry deposition theoretically and a computer program has been developed. Experimentally dry deposition flux of S on leaf of Cassia siamea was measured by exposing the leaf surfaces on non-dewy, non-foggy and non rainy days and washing the leaf surfaces with deionised water and samples were analyzed by Dionex Dx-500 Ion Chromatograph. Atmospheric concentration of SO2 was 3.54±1.41 μg m-3 and particulate SO42- was 2.72±1.15 μg m-3. Theoretically obtained dry deposition velocity of SO2 and SO42- are 0.32 cm s-1 and 0.75cm s-1, respectively. The calculated deposition of S as total sulphate (gaseous SO2 and particulate SO42-) to Cassia leaf was 2.05±0.78mg m-2 d-1 and experimentally obtained dry deposition of S as sulphate was 1.07±1.35 mg m-2 d-1. The experimentally and theoretically obtained mean values for S as SO42- are comparable.
Osteoclastoma of Proximal Ulna―Atypical Location in a 13-Year-Old Child  [PDF]
Siddaram Patil, Ranjit Kumar Yalamanchili
Open Journal of Orthopedics (OJO) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojo.2014.43009
Abstract: Giant cell tumour (GCT) or osteoclastoma is a very rare locally invasive bone tumour that occurs close to the joint. The ulnar metaphysis is an unusual site for an Osteoclastoma with occurrence rate of 0.45% to 3.2% as reported in literature [1]. Most of the patients seek traditional methods of treatment before orthopaedic consultation and present lately with extensive involvement of the tumour into soft tissues and articular surface, making the joint preservation difficult or impossible. For reconstruction, several options have been described, which include fibular autografts, allografts and cement augmentation. Inherent to all these procedures is the risk of delayed union of the graft and preserving functional mobility of the joint. We report a rare case of a proximal ulna GCT diagnosed in a 13-year-old girl. It was treated with intralesional curettage, and autologous maternal iliac crest bone grafting augmented with bone cement reconstruction.
Ilizarov methodology for infected non union of the Tibia: Classic circular transfixion wire assembly vs. hybrid assembly
Baruah Ranjit
Indian Journal of Orthopaedics , 2007,
Abstract: Introduction: Conventional wire fixation of Ilizarov rings often fails to provide 90-90 configuration because of vital structures, which is essential for optimum stability. Hybrid assembly with half pins is an alternative. The aim of this study is to compare the results of Hybrid assembly with that of conventional classic circular transfixion wire Ilizarov assembly in 50 cases of infected nonunion of tibia between 1994 and 2003. Materials and Methods: This study includes two groups with 25 patients in each group: Group (A) conventional Ilizarov assembly and Group (B) hybrid Ilizarov assembly. Thirty-five cases developed infected nonunion following road traffic accidents while others after fall (6) bullet injury (4), infected osteosynthesis (3) and assault (2). There were 45 males and five females with mean age (18 to 56 years). All active cases (n=28) were treated by debridement including removal of implants in infected osteosynthesis. Twenty out of 22 cases in the quiescent group (non draining for last three consecutive months) were treated without open debridement; only two cases required open debridement for various reasons. All the cases were finally treated as atrophic aseptic nonunion with bone defect and were classified according to ASAMI. Type B1: length of the limb maintained with bone gap (14 cases in both Group A and B) and Type B3: combined shortening with defect (five and seven cases in Group A and B respectively), were treated by bifocal osteosynthesis. Only one case in the B3 group was treated by trifocal osteosynthesis to shorten the time. Type B2: segments in contact with limb shortening (total nine cases; five and four cases in Group A and B respectively) with shortening up to 2 cm (total five cases) were treated with monofocal osteosynthesis while shortening up to 5 cm and beyond (total four cases) were treated with bifocal osteosynthesis. Results: The cases were followed up for two to six years and the results were evaluated by Paley criteria of bony results ( union, infection, deformity and leg-length discrepancy ) and Functional Results (significant limp , equinus rigidity of the ankle, soft-tissue dystrophy, pain and inactivity) . In both the groups, 24 cases out of 25, had excellent to good bony result with Group B having twice more excellent result than Group A. Functional results were found to be similar in both the groups. Although persistence of infection and Grade III pin tract infection (PTI) were slightly higher in Group B, complications like delayed consolidation of regenerate, refracture, deformity and aneurysm of vessel
Dhaliwal Ranjit
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology , 1988,
Advanced Linux Security
Ranjit Nimbalkar
American Journal of Engineering Research , 2013,
Abstract: Using mandatory access control greatly increases the secu-rity of an operating system. SELinux, which is an implemen-tation of Linux Security Modules (LSM), implements several measures to prevent unauthorized system usage. The se-curity architecture used is named Flask, and provides a clean separation of security policy and enforcement. This paper is an overview of the Flask architecture and the implementation in Linux.
A palliative care programme in Malaysia
Oommen Ranjit
Indian Journal of Palliative Care , 2005,
Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and Barabas: a Comparative Analysis
Khoisnam, Ranjit
Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies , 2011,
Abstract: The chief aim of this paper is to give an overviewof the Elizabethan culture in which Marlowe lived his shortlife, paying close attention to politics, religion, literature andtheatre and those areas that impinged most directly uponhim.The Elizabethan period is generally regarded as the greatest in the history of English literature. Historically, we note in this age the tremendous impetus received from the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the exploration of the New World. It was marked by a strong national spirit, patriotism, religious tolerance, social content, intellectual progress, and unbounded enthusiasm.Such an age of thought, feeling, and vigorous action finds its best expression in the drama; and the wonderful development of the drama, culminating in the dramas of Shakespeare and Marlowe is the significant spirit of the Elizabethan period. Though the age produced some excellent prose works, it is essentially an age of poetry; and poetry is remarkable for its variety, its freshness, its youthful and romantic feeling. Both the poetry and the drama were permeated by Italian influence, which was dominant in English Literature of the period. The literature of this age is, therefore, often called the literature of the Renaissance.

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