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Larval habitat of Ochlerotatus albifasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) in the southern edge of the Americas, Tierra del Fuego Island  [PDF]
Nora Edith Burroni, María Verónica Loetti, María Cristina Marinone, María Gabriela Freire, Nicolás Schweigmann
Open Journal of Animal Sciences (OJAS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojas.2013.34A1002
Abstract: The information about ecological topics of mosquitoes at the southernmost tip of South America is fragmentary and scarce. The present study evaluates lentic freshwater habitat located in the surroundings of main roads of the Argentine sector of Tierra del Fuego as larval habitat of Ochlerotatus albifasciatus, also analyzes the relationships between their presence and several environmental variables: water turbidity, percentage of gramineans, percentage of macrophytes, presence of crustaceous cyanobacteria, and filamentous chlorophyceans. Mosquito inmatures were collected with dip nets. A generalized linear model (GLM) with negative binomial error distribution was used to determine the effects of different variables of the water bodies on abundance of Oc. albifasciatus in the larval habitats. Collections were made in 45 lentic freshwater bodies. Preimaginal stages were found in 17.70% of the studied habitats. Oc. albifasciatus was the only culicid registered. The GLM explained 93.17% of the variability, and showed a negative relationship between the abundances of Oc. albifasciatus and water turbidity, and a positive relationship with percent-age of gramineans. The gramineans would improve food supply, because the plants are providing suitable substrate for different types of microbiota, a layer of leaves would protect eggs from extreme temperatures, and could help the larvae to hide from potential predators. The negative association between abundance of this species with water turbidity could be related to the presence of vegetation that favors retaining the substrate, reducing water turbidity.
On Complete Bicubic Fractal Splines  [PDF]
Arya Kumar Bedabrata Chand, María A. Navascués
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/am.2010.13024
Abstract: Fractal geometry provides a new insight to the approximation and modelling of experimental data. We give the construction of complete cubic fractal splines from a suitable basis and their error bounds with the original function. These univariate properties are then used to investigate complete bicubic fractal splines over a rectangle Bicubic fractal splines are invariant in all scales and they generalize classical bicubic splines. Finally, for an original function , upper bounds of the error for the complete bicubic fractal splines and derivatives are deduced. The effect of equal and non-equal scaling vectors on complete bicubic fractal splines were illustrated with suitably chosen examples.
Ecos recientes de un debate inconcluso acerca de la Revolución Agrícola en Inglaterra y de la transformación de su economía agraria entre 1500 y 1850
Carzolio,María Inés;
Mundo agrario , 2006,
Abstract: the debate about the existence, chronology and factors of an "agricultural revolution" that proceed and its related to the "industrial revolution" has a long history. the substantive topics of this debate keep a central importance to comprehend the development of the agriculture as much as the english economy between 1500th and 1850th centuries. in this time it has been configured a traditional version and a revisionist version. its possible at this length to made a confrontation of both interpretations using the work of two mayor authors: marc overton and robert c. allan.
El debate en torno a la representación de acontecimientos límite del pasado reciente: alcances del testimonio como fuente
Mudrovcic, María Inés;
Diánoia , 2007,
Abstract: in recent debates about the scope of historical representation for giving a proper account of events beyond the limits of human comprehension and experience, some theorists and historians have tended to favor the immediacy of lived experience -which apparently would be transmitted by the witness. the retrospective point of view, then, has been obscured. the latter point of view implies a degree of detachment from lived experience and is present not only in testimony but also in historiography. this article will thus analyze the role played by testimony in a theory of history, as "evidence or proof of" real past or as "access" to it.
Tópicos y arquetipos de la opinión pública: la construcción social de la enfermera
Games,María Inés;
Enfermería Global , 2011, DOI: 10.4321/S1695-61412011000200018
Abstract: the inquiry attempts to show the suffering and neglect of women in a period of history. it links being a woman and her relationship with the nursing discipline, as nursing from the outset has been an essentially feminine activity. the female nurse, united with religion, in other instances was conceived socially as a martyr. in certain socio cultural times it has been socially important to transmit the good social habits of women. the corollary denominator is the feeling of giving of themselves to others in order to feel useful and to help society. it makes mention of women who as "women" introduced changes of historical importance in the nursing profession. it shows the strength of public opinion in the construction of archetypes and stereotypes in society in terms of the nurse and women. feminism is mentioned as a social movement for women, along with some concepts and the fact that it is a movement that provoked socio-cultural changes for women. women in general condemned to submission and privacy, but who break through and participate in public life.
La rehabilitación de la noción de representación en Toulmin (o un intento de reformular a Kant en términos wittgensteInianos)
Prono,María Inés;
T?3picos , 2004,
Abstract: as opposed to the anti-representationalist positions, this work presents toulmin's analysis. the author considers that the notion of representation is indispensable to understand the nature of cognitive activity. he shares with kant the idea that our intellectual activities impose a priori forms, but he points out that the use of the german word vorstellung in kant's work caused his transcendental goal to get trapped in the webs of mental representations. the notion of representation he handles, mediated by the wittgensteinian pragmatic turn, is too complex to be reduced to a mere linguistic expression, or to any individual mental content. the adoption of this representational strategy does not entail any commitment to the ontological realist claim "to describe reality as it is in itself", neither to the semantic realist thesis of direct reference. pragmatic considerations about the relations between knowledge, language and action provide an alternative that overcomes reductive positions.
Otto neurath: relevancia y actualidad de su concepción pluralista de la racionalidad
Prono,María Inés;
T?3picos , 2010,
Abstract: la re-evaluación del empirismo lógico ha permitido poner en cuestión la visión tradicional, que, además de atribuir al mismo unidad doctrinaria, lo hacía aparecer como defendiendo un ingenuo empirismo fundamentista fortalecido lógicamente.en este trabajo se indaga sobre la concepción pluralista de la racionalidad en otto neurath, partiendo del supuesto de que esta aproximación permite, por una parte, se?alar las limitaciones de la visión tradicional sobre el empirismo lógico y, por otra, mostrar la relevancia y actualidad de la propuesta del mencionado autor. dividimos nuestro análisis en tres partes: (i) ciencia unificada y pluralismo; (ii) concepción pragmática, razón y decisión; (iii) unidad de razón teórica y práctica. este recorrido nos permitirá evaluar algunas tensiones internas a la perspectiva de neurath y también su concepción pluralista y pragmática de la racionalidad, en la que se aprecia la articulación de conocimiento, lenguaje y acción, tan característica del 'giro pragmático' de la filosofía contemporánea.
Paralichthys patagonicus spawning areas and reproductive potential in the Bonaerense Coastal Zone, Argentina (34°-42°S)
Militelli,María Inés;
Latin american journal of aquatic research , 2011,
Abstract: the reproductive biology of patagonian flounder (paralichthys patagonicus) was studied in the bonaerense coastal zone (34°-42°s) using samples collected in december 2003 and 2005. according to the literature, the data were analyzed considering two population groups: one in the northern zone (34°-38°s) and another in el rincón (38°-42°s). the estimated size at first maturity for both sexes in 2003 was 31.57 cm tl for the northern zone and 29.58 cm tl for el rincón. in 2005, the l50 was only estimated for the northern zone, and the value obtained was less than that of 2003 (27.82 cm tl). in december 2003, the greatest reproductive activity took place in el rincón. however, in december 2005, the highest proportions of hydrated fe-males were observed in the northern area. this could be due to the cooler temperatures recorded for this zone, as compared with 2003. batch fecundity showed a potential fit to size and a lineal fit to weight and ranged from 14,685 (30 cm tl) to 153,717 ( 59 cm tl) hydrated oocytes. relative fecundity oscillated between 24 and 170 hydrated oocytes/g. the values of these parameters differed between years and among population groups. these differences could be attributed in part to the difference in seawater temperature between the two years, especially the high temperatures observed in 2005.
La migración de mujeres en clave de género y derechos en tres relatorías especiales de las Naciones Unidas
Pacecca,María Inés;
Mora (Buenos Aires) , 2012,
Abstract: in march 1994, the united nations human rights commission established the special rapporteur on violence against women, in 1999 the special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, and in 2004 the special rapporteur on trafficking in persons especially women and children. through country visits and fact-finding trips, these rapporteurs collect information on the violation of rights protected by the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (cedaw), the international convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families (icrmw) and the protocol to prevent, supress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children. during their mandate, the rapporteurs issue annual and country reports where they develop their own perspectives, research and recommendations, playing a significant role in global, regional and even local politics. based on a selection of their reports, this paper analyzes the connections and issues that became visible in the intersections of gender, rights and migration.
La trasgresión de los límites en los héroes de Sófocles
Saravia,María Inés;
Circe de cl??sicos y modernos , 2008,
Abstract: in the present work we propose the analysis of the most significant spaces that frame the characters performance. at the decisive request, sophoclean heroes debate about their own limits, either ontological, moral or anthropological, which surely imply a jump, a step, or a crossroad. the space images show theatricality because of the impact they cause in the audience. they connote a manner of being or living, in a way that define the hero personality. we synthetically revise all the preserved plays of the tragic author and express the conclusions.

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