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Italian Wild Rocket [Diplotaxis Tenuifolia (L.) DC.]: Influence of Agricultural Practices on Antioxidant Molecules and on Cytotoxicity and Antiproliferative Effects
Alessandra Durazzo,Elena Azzini,Maria Claudia Lazzè,Anna Raguzzini,Roberto Pizzala,Giuseppe Maiani
Agriculture , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/agriculture3020285
Abstract: Wild rocket [ Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC.] belongs to the Brassicaceae family and has its origin in the Mediterranean region. The effect of conventional and integrated cultivation practices on the nutritional properties and benefits of wild rocket [ Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC.] were studied. Bioactive molecules content (vitamin C, quercetin, lutein), antioxidant properties and bioactivity of polyphenolic extracts from the edible part of rocket in Caco-2 cells were determined. Regarding antioxidant properties, FRAP (Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power) values ranged from 4.44 ± 0.11 mmol/kg fw to 9.92 ± 0.46 mmol/kg fw for conventional rocket and from 4.13 ± 0.17 fw mmol/kg to 11.02 ± 0.45 mmol/kg fw for integrated rocket. The characteristics of wild rocket as a dietary source of antioxidants have been pointed out. Significant differences in the quality of conventional and integrated rocket have been shown, while no influence of agronomic practice on biological activity was reported. A significant accumulation of cells in G1 phase and a consequent reduction in the S and G2 + M phases were observed in Caco-2 cells treated with rocket polyphenol extract.
Dignidade, celibato e bom comportamento: relatos sobre a profiss?o de modelo e manequim no Brasil dos anos 1960
Bonadio, Maria Claudia;
Cadernos Pagu , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332004000100004
Abstract: through oral accounts from former advertising and development group professionals of rhodia in the 1960?s, the article analyzes differences and similarities in terms of male and female memories on aspects concerning the profession of fashion model, most particularly "rhodia?s exclusive fashion models".
Narrativas da violência: a dimens?o micropolítica das emo??es
Coelho, Maria Claudia;
Mana , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-93132010000200001
Abstract: this paper analyzes the emotions described in narratives of victimization among rio de janeiro's middle classes. it explores the so-called 'contextualist' trend (lutz & abu-lughod 1990) in the anthropology of emotions as a means to understanding violence, focusing on the micropolitical dimension of emotion discourses on victimization. the data analyzed is derived from eight in-depth interviews with married couples who have been through the experience of having their residences assaulted while both of them were at home. the analysis focuses on the recurrence of two emotions in the interviewees' depictions of their feelings towards their assailants: sympathy and contempt. the emergence of these two emotions, whose relations to hierarchy have already been well documented by social scientists, is interpreted as an attempt to re-establish the hierarchies perceived to have been overturned by the assaults.
Gênero, emo??es e vitimiza??o: percep??es sobre a violência urbana no Rio de Janeiro
Coelho, Maria Claudia;
Sexualidad, Salud y Sociedad (Rio de Janeiro) , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-64872012000400002
Abstract: this paper analyzes emotions described by middle-class victims of residence robberies in rio de janeiro. the theoretical approach adopted is catherine lutz and lila abu-lughod's 'contextualism,' within the anthropology of emotions. this perspective's main focus is the micro-political capacity of emotions, which, embedded in social grammars, are therefore able to dramatize/reinforce/alter the 'macro' features of social organization that give form to interpersonal relations. the data analyzed is a set of in-depth interviews conducted with couples who have been victims of residence robberies. attitudes they prescribe as 'ideal' or 'effective' in dealing with their victim condition are analyzed in relation to gender identities. the analysis focuses on the forms of "emotional control" described in their narratives, emphasizing the opposition between controlling anger and controlling fear.
Variet tengebrauch und Variet tenkontakt in Südtirol und Ostbelgien
Riehl, Claudia Maria
Linguistik Online , 2007,
Abstract: Dialect often plays an important role in minority communities where it functions as a marker of ethnic identity. In this case it also becomes an issue for speakers of the majority group who intend to acquire the minority language. The situation, however, differs from region to region and within different minority groups.The article discusses the linguistic setting and variety use of two German-speaking minorities, South Tyrol and East Belgium. The main focus is on the dimensions of dialect use in different domains, its linguistic influence on the standard variety, and its role for identity building. It will be pointed out that South Tyrolians almost exclusively identify with their regional dialect, whereas East Belgians also make use of language mixing.In its conclusion the article emphasizes the importance of dialectal and regional varieties for L2-learners: Learners should not only acquire a passive knowledge of the respective minority dialects, but also come to appreciate its symbolic value in the respective communities.
Book Review: LOMBARDI, José Claudinei; NASCIMENTO, Maria Isabel Moura. Fontes, História e Historiografia da Educa o. Campinas, SP: Autores Associados, 2004.
Claudia Maria Petchak Zanlorenzi
Práxis Educativa , 2006,
O campo minado das express es idiomáticas
Claudia Maria Xatara
Alfa : Revista de Linguística , 2001,
Abstract: Este trabalho apresenta quest es teóricas e práticas relacionadas aos estudos lexicológicos e ao tratamento lexicográfico das express es idiomáticas, enfocando a problemática de seu conceito e de suas marcas de freqüência, de espa o e de tempo, além de suas marcas sociais.
A compara o nas express es idiomáticas
Claudia Maria Xatara
Alfa : Revista de Linguística , 2001,
Abstract: Este trabalho tem a finalidade de enfocar as estruturas idiomáticas constituídas pela figura da compara o. Seus comparantes s o convencionalizados pelos usuários da língua e se ligam a propriedades adjetivas ou verbais específicas que, por sua vez, s o atribuídas a sujeitos comparados, de tra os semanticos também específicos.
Empréstimos, estrangeirismos e suas medidas
Claudia Maria Xatara Rodrigues
Alfa : Revista de Linguística , 2001,
Abstract: A partir de um recorte do léxico francês, enfocaremos a possibilidade de se traduzirem para o português duas modalidades de contribui o à língua francesa: os empréstimos e os estrangeirismos, numa tentativa de resolu o de eventuais problemas do ato tradutório.
Estrangeirismos sem fronteiras
Claudia Maria Xatara
Alfa : Revista de Linguística , 2001,
Abstract: Participando do debate proposto para este número, discutimos quest es relativas ao emprego de estrangeirismos e empréstimos, seja no ambito do uso cotidiano seja no caso de submiss o das normas desse uso ao texto da lei.

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