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Descriptions of two new earthworm species, Iridodrilus abujaensis and lridodrilus furcothecata (Eudrilidae: Oligochaeta: Annelida) from Nigeria
S.O. Owa
African Zoology , 2012,
Abstract: ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Two new eudriline earthworm species, lridodrilus abujaensis and lridodrilus furcothecata are described from collections made around the Federal Capital Territory and Wukari, Nigeria. They are distinguished by the forms of their external papillae, seminal vesicles, ovospermathecal systems and other characters. ********** AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Twee nuwe erdwurm spesies van die Eudrilidae, nl. lridodrilus a bujaensis en lridodrilus furcothecata, wat in die Federal Capital Territory and Wukari in Nigeri versamel is, word beskryf. Hulle is uitkenbaar aan die vorm van hul uitwendige papille, seminale vesikels, ovospermatekale stelsels en ander eienskappe.
Abundance of earthworms in Nigerian ecological zones: implications for sustaining fertilizer-free soil fertility
S.O. Owa Louw,G.A. Dedeke,S.O.A. Morafa,J.A. Yeye
African Zoology , 2011,
Abstract: The abundance of earthworms in the ecological zones in Nigeria has been determined and the possibility of earthworm functions replacing both mechanized land preparation and organic fertilizers discussed. The most abundant earthworms, comprising 62 % of the population, were the advantageous solid-wormcast makers. Mixed Leguminous Wooded Savanna had the highest earthworm density (1.50 million worms/ha), while Wooded Savanna had the lowest (0.23 million worms/ha). Coastal Forest and Mangrove (0.51 t/ha) had the highest earthworm biomass and Afziela Savanna/Semi-Deciduous Forest (0.03 t/ha) had the least. A new soil impact index (SIINDEX) is introduced, which simultaneously incorporates both earthwormbiomass and density. The highest SIINDEX was from Mixed Leguminous Wooded Savanna (0.72) and the lowest from Afziella Savanna/Semi-Deciduous Forest (0.11). Forests with SIINDEX less than 0.2 should be regarded as endangered, because their earthworm functions are too low to accomplish significant leaf-litter breakdown and recycling. We suggest that if the illegal annual bush burning is prevented, the soil surface will be naturally mulched,earthworms protected, and by their function in the soil, the need for soil mechanization and fertilization could be replaced by earthworms to produce natural foods
Psychological Sense of Community in Four Neighbourhoods in Lagos Metropolis
S.O. Adebayo
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Psychological Sense of Community (PSC) and its relationships with mental health indeces (Psychological well being -PWB- and psychological distress -PD-) were investigated in four neighborhoods in Lagos metropolis (FESTAC town, 104 Estate, Ikeja barrack and Abalti barrack). Finding revealed that the four neighbourhoods significantly differed in the level of PSC expressed by residents (F(3/446) = 10.58 p< 0.01). The four neighbours also significantly differed on PWB (F (3/446) = 6.99, p>0.01) and PD (F3/446 = 7.9, p< 0.01). No significant relationship was, however, observed between PSC and PWB on the one hand (r (448) = 0.07, p>0.05) and PSC and PD on the other hand (r (448) = 0.012, p>0.05). Further analysis revealed significant difference among males and females on PSC (F(1/442) = 4.95, p< 0.01). Findings were discussed in light of previous findings in the literature.
Gender and Moral Reasoning: A Study of a Nigeria Adult Sample
S.O. Adebayo
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The study investigated the influence of gender on moral reasoning in an adult population using the philosophical-psychological component paradigm of Boyce and Jensen. 354 women and 391 men drawn from five occupations responded to Moral Content Test (MCT). Statistical analysis of data using t-independent test revealed no significant difference between the sexes on each of the nine ethical considerations that make up the normative ethics of teleology and deonotology. Findings refute Gilligan`s postulation about the unique moral voice of women and corroborated no significant difference between the sexes on moral reasoning.
Nutritional Implications of Food Demand in Rural Nigeria
S.O. Akinleye
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This study determines the influence of price and income changes on the availability of food nutrients to rural households in Nigeria. Demand elasticities were obtained. The nutritional effects of changes arising from changes in income and prices were computed using both the AIDS model and a nutrient availability measure developed by Huang. The findings show that foods in the bread/confectionary group are the foods that have the greatest implications for the nutrient status of households resident in rural areas. Increasing the prices of these food items by 1% would lead to reduced intake of some nutrients by as much as 10%. There study recommends policies that ensure sustainability in the supply of materials in the confectionary industry.
Physicochemical and Microbiological Assessment of Groundwater from Ijan-Ekiti South Western Nigeria
S.O. Adefemi
Environmental Research Journal , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/erj.2012.316.320
Abstract: Physicochemical and microbiological analyses of water samples from nine randomly selected hand dug wells and River Eku were carried out using standard analytical procedure and the result were compared with WHO standards. The physicochemical parameters of the water samples analysed were within the WHO standard for drinking water expect for pH value (9.20) obtained for River Eku which does not conform with WHO standard. Calcium has the highest value (3-35-26.23 mg/100 mL) for the major element while Iron value (0.34-4.18 mg/100 mL) was highest for the minor element. However, the water is unsafe on the account of poor microbiological quality of the water samples (Average total bacteria and total coliform counts were 54.4±20.9 per 100 mL of the original water sample and 34.5±14.00 per 100 mL of original water samples, respectively) in the area which exceeded WHO standard. It is recommended that the well water be treated to minimize acute problem of water related diseases which are endemic to man.
The Principles of Religious Liberality and Self Determination in Sudan`s Search for Political Stability
S.O. Soetan
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Religious plurality and self determination are 2 major principles central to the entrenchment of political stability in the Sudan. These are well entrenched in the Sudanese Constitution of 1998, the IGAD Declaration of principles of May 1994, the Asmara Declaration of June 1995 and the Sudan Peace Agreement of April 1998. The import of these constitutional provisions and implication for self-determination and religious liberality in Sudan form the basis of discussion in this study. It concludes that political stability may be a matter of foregone conclusion if the dictates of these laws are fully implemented.
Analysis of Effects of Implementation Languages on Software Complexity Measures of Insertion Sort Algorithm
S.O. Olabiyisi
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: In this study, we apply different software complexity measures to Insertion sort algorithm. Our intention is to study what kind of new information about the algorithm the complexity measures (Halstead’s volume and Cyclomatic number) are able to give and to study which software complexity measures are the most useful ones in algorithm comparison. The results explicitly show that with respect to Halstead’s Volume, Program Difficulty and Program Effort; Insertion sort is best programmed in Assembly language and worst programmed in Java.
Eysenckian Dimensions of Personality and Morality: An Operationalisation of Possible Relationships
S.O. Adebayo
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The study pointed out the bias in the literature on the relationship between personality and morality in favour of the social dimension. It also acknowledges the possible influence of biological dimension of personality on morality. Employing Eysenck`s theories of social attitudes and emotionality as the theoretical basis the study went further to operationalise twenty four possible relationships between eysenckian dimensions of personality and Berkowitz`s seven characteristics of a complex moral person.
Quality Control Assay of Three Pharmaceutically Important Sulphur Drugs Commonly Dispensed at Nigerian Defence Academy Medical Centre, Kaduna-Nigeria
S.O. Okeniyi
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: A total of 36 samples of three sulphur containing drugs, viz.: chlorpropamide, Ampicillin and frusemide from three different companies labelled A, B and C commonly dispensed to officers, cadets and civilian staff of the Nigerian Defence Academy were tested for their potency using the U.V spectrophotometer assay method. The total drug content, percentage active ingredients, chemical assay and dissolution rate studies for the drugs were evaluated. The specified chemical tests were carried out on the samples analysed and the results were in conformity with that described in BP 1993. The drug contents and percentage active ingredients were found to be within acceptable limit of the monograph. The dissolution rate study of chlorpropamide using the BP 1993 method and pH dependent dissolution rate studies of Ampicillin and Frusemide were investigated on physiological buffer solution pH 6.8. The results obtained demonstrated very good dissolution rate profiles and are discussed in the light of high rate of faking, adulteration and manufacture of substandard drugs and their implication.

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